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Spruce Tree Lettings Landlord Objectives

We strive to provide a consistent and seamless service in line with our company values, please see our client testimonials here. For landlords, we keep the following objectives in mind:

Maintaining sustainable cashflow

We look to do this by:

    •   Considering the best use of the property and marketing it on that basis
    •   Charging the fair market value rent for each property, taking into account the area, condition of the property,
        facilities in the house and nearby amenities
    •   Matching well-suited tenants to the property, who will look after it well and stay for the long term
    •   Ensuring that, following a detailed application, credit checking and referencing process, a suitable tenant
        with deposit and/or guarantor is placed in the property. As part of this process we also check the their
        current property where possible to ensure that they look after this in a way our landlords would appreciate.
    •   Once we have selected a suitable tenant it is hoped that the issue of arrears would never arise, but should
        anything happen we would look to work closely with tenants to ensure any financial difficulties are dealt with
    •   If there are historic arrears – either with existing tenants or ex-tenants – we work with the landlord to
        establish the most practical way forward and have a range of methods to put into practice.

Minimising costs

We focus on minimising the ongoing costs to landlords by:

    •   Regularly inspecting properties and dealing with any issues quickly so they don’t get worse
    •   Collecting the rent on time – and addressing any late payments immediately
    •   Using quality tradesmen on competitive rates and not charging a margin on them.

Maximise additional/alternative Income

At any given time in any given area, there are always opportunities for landlords to consider improving their properties and at the same time offering more value to prospective/current tenants. This in turn could lead to higher rents and/or longer-term tenant retention. We do this by:

    •   Keeping abreast of and considering the use of grants eg for property insulation, burglar alarms
    •   Monitoring the use of new technology eg solar panels to offer free electricity to tenants, or even create an
        income stream to the landlord
    •   Alerting landlords to changing tenant requirements eg the annual influx of students or demands for room
        rentals in an area.

Information Pack

Why don’t you request a landlord information pack to find out more? Inside you’ll find:

    •   The landlord’s brochure
    •   Sample Tax return
    •   Sample property details
    •   Our landlord’s guide
    •   Sample in-house inventory.

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