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Spruce Tree Lettings Values

Spruce Tree Lettings believes that it should operate to a core set of principles and beliefs that reflect how we would wish to be treated.

These values have been drawn up with you in mind. They take into account the years of experience we have in the property industry and feed into our best practice guidelines.

The beliefs and philosophies that Spruce Tree Lettings Ltd operates within are:


Spruce Tree Lettings provides a high degree of service functionality to its clients, defined by choice and value of services, timeliness of delivery and response, reliability and courteousness.


Spruce Tree Lettings believes in the accountability of individuals, departments and the business as a whole for performance, results and dealing with issues as they arise.


Spruce Tree Lettings has designed its business so that the company’s people, systems and processes react to a client need in an efficient and sympathetic manner.

Continuous improvement

Spruce Tree Lettings has the desire and ability to incorporate ways to improve itself by using modern technology, education, membership of relevant professional bodies and continuous professional development.

This is a key value of Spruce Tree Lettings – so that in all areas including reporting, customer relationship management and operations consistent and repeatable levels of service are attained. Spruce Tree Lettings will always look to see how best to implement systems and processes to this end.


Spruce Tree Lettings are adamant about keeping their promises with everyone – landlord clients, tenants, suppliers, partners and employees.


Spruce Tree Lettings look to engender loyalty to and from suppliers, customers (landlords and tenants) and employees on an ongoing basis. This will then enable a spirit of harmony – the overall atmosphere internally and externally with clients, suppliers and the community.

To find out more and ask any questions please send us a message or phone 08456 86 0499.

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